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Innovation is happening faster than ever before. Organizations are undergoing rapid changes with accelerated adoption of emerging technologies and new methodologies which are disrupting traditional business models. CIOs and IT departments have never been under greater pressure to do more with less.

Our applications development team at Svara can help the large enterprise organizations rapidly innovate by providing scalable software development capabilities and resources to support your dynamic business goals in this rapidly changing digital economy. We help our clients design, build and deliver applications, services, and memorable experiences, from web and mobile applications to modern data platforms and beyond.

Big Data

Svara Software Solutions provides advanced Big Data and Analytics solutions, including Big Data Platform as a Service, to rapidly provide insights on operations, customers and products. We support predictive analytics, real-time dashboards, master data management and more.

Driven by proliferation of devices, emerging channels of data creation and consumption; the volume, velocity and variety of data that organizations need to analyze is changing rapidly. Uncovering insights from this data requires effective aggregation, integration, validation and gleaning techniques. Through a comprehensive set of big data services and big data solutions straddling across the spectrum from big data consulting to support and managed services, we help you generate actionable insights from your big data initiatives. We enable organizations to conceptualize and drive a well thought out big data program across multiple domains and focus areas, which enables them to achieve the twin objectives of revenue maximization and increasing operational efficiency.

We have expertise in handling a wide range of technology platforms across the various focus areas of a big data initiative ranging from capture, store and process to analysis.

Software Testing

Testing software is getting complex than ever before. With different software teams working on different modules cross different parts of the world, integrating all test case scenarios and testing them in real time can prove to be cumbersome for the testers. It is important to obtain high quality results in all the stages of the software development life cycle to ensure success of a project. At Svara, we understand the practical problems being faced by companies belonging to various industry verticals, and specialize in providing software testing for specific industries.

Svara Software Solutions has been providing the best industry standard software testing services to clients around the globe. We provide an end-to-end service which makes sure that the software application being tested is free of errors, functions smoothly and is high on performance. Our software testers are highly trained in using the latest tools and technologies and provide the best services within a quick turnaround time. Contact Us


Svara Software Solutions develops best-in-class solutions for cloud service providers to increase efficiency, lower costs, and manage risk while providing the reliability of today’s market demands. As a leader in engineering and industrial software, Schneider Electric helps collocation and cloud service providers build new data centers or upgrade, retrofit, and right-size on-premise, hybrid architectures. Discover EcoStruxure for Cloud & Service Providers, our IoT-enabled secure cloud service solutions and services for collocation and cloud service providers, and increase capacity and speed of deployment in your data center.

We help colocation and cloud service providers implement solutions to increase the speed of deployment, lower TCO, expand into new geographies, and increase sustainability. Modernize your integrated data center and cloud services solutions to optimize performance and cut down costs. Meet the exact needs of customers with flexible data center infrastructure and cloud service solutions.

Cyber Security

Svarsoft Cyberecurity Services & Cyber Security Advisory, helping organizations to understand and manage their cyber risk, we are a leader in managed cyber security services. CyberSecOp focus on all area of possible cyber attack surface, our cybersecurity team constantly monitors and protects businesses from cyber threats.


We do so by implementation a comprehensive approach to security, identity, and cybersecurity. Our cybersecurity services covering all the following areas: Security Program Strategy, Risk Management, Risk Assessment, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response, Advanced Malware & Ransomware Protection, Perimeter Security, Application Assessment, & Security Monitoring-Services. Know where you are and how to better protect your organization with cybersecurity gaps analysis to identify a clear road map, and a stronger cybersecurity program.

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